58129-44010 Brake Disc for Hyundai

We perform dynamic balancing tests on the brake discs to prevent brake vibration. Drilling and slotting processes to improve brake performance.

Product Parameter

Location:Front Axle

Diameter:253 mm

Brake Disc Thickness:20 mm

Minimum Thickness:18.4 mm

Centering Diameter:84 mm

Height:28.6 mm

Number Of Holes:5

Pitch Circle Diameter:104 mm

Solid Or Vented:V

Weight:4.6 kg



H-1 / STAREX MPV (A1) [1997-]

H-1 Bus (KMF) [1997-]

H100 Box [1993-2004]

H100 Bus (P) [1993-2004]

Optional Surface Treatment

Smooth / Drill Holes / Slots / Hook Shape Slots

Geomet Painting, Phosphorization etc. 

Precise Machining & Casting

All Kamien Discs and Drums are reverse engineered from OEM Drawings.

Machining Specification:

Disc run out is within 0.0015mm, and DTV Tolerance specification is within 0.005mm.

All discs and drums are mill balanced.

Free Sample Policy

2 PCS of FREE Sample are always available, shipping cost is requested. 


IATF 16949

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