OEM 31471752 Car Brake Disc for VOLVO

We perform dynamic balancing tests on the brake discs to prevent brake vibration. Drilling and slotting processes to improve brake performance.

Product Parameter

Location:Front Axle
Diameter:345 mm
Brake Disc Thickness:30 mm
Minimum Thickness:27.5 mm
Centering Diameter:63.5 mm
Height:41 mm
Number Of Holes:5
Pitch Circle Diameter:108 mm
Solid Or Vented:V
Weight:12.3 kg


  S90 II (234)  [2016-]
  V90 II Estate (235, 236)  [2016-]
  XC90 II (256)  [2014-]

Optional Surface Treatment

Smooth / Drill Holes / Slots / Hook Shape Slots

Geomet Painting, Phosphorization etc. 

Precise Machining & Casting

All Kamien Discs and Drums are reverse engineered from OEM Drawings.

Machining Specification:

Disc run out is within 0.0015mm, and DTV Tolerance specification is within 0.005mm.

All discs and drums are mill balanced.

Free Sample Policy

2 PCS of FREE Sample are always available, shipping cost is requested. 


IATF 16949

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