04465-02390 Toyota Corolla Auto Brake Pad

Chamfer is friendly to disc, ensure a quiet braking performance. We use an exclusive friction material formula that is dust-free, disc-resistant and heat-resistant.

Product Parameter

Location:Front Axle

Brake System:BOSCH

Width:134.2 mm

Height:57.1 mm

Height 1:63.2 mm

Thickness:18.6 mm



   AURIS (_E18_)  [2012-]

   AURIS TOURING SPORTS Estate (_E18_)  [2013-]

   AURIS VAN Box (_E18_)  [2013-]

   COROLLA Saloon (_E15_)  [2006-]

   COROLLA Saloon (_E18_, ZRE1_)  [2013-]


Kamien brake pad supplier offer 12 MONTHS or 20.000 KM replacement warranty, based on some terms & conditions. 

Kamien Products lifespan varies from 30.000 KM to 70.000 KM in normal driving conditions.

Positive Molding Technology

Kamien is not only a brake pad supplier, but also a technology supplier,Positive Molding Technology is an important factor in production of Kamien brake pads. Positive molding results in a more uniform density in the production of the brake pad. It also allows using less resin content in formulation of the brake pad which can lead to improvement in the fading characteristic of the brake pad. The brake pads produced by positive molding process is proven to have much better stopping performance. High resin increases fading, which can increase stopping distances up to 50%.

Optional Hardware

Kamien brake pad supplier don’t provide hardware kit with standard Kamien products, but it is optional. 



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