Commercial Vehicles Brake Pads

CV brake pads were developed in close cooperation with the world's leading base brake manufacturers and meet stringent OE standards.Specifically formulated for transportation and on-highway vehicles, CV disc brake pads provide consistent braking performance over a wide range of temperatures and duty cycles.


1.CV Brake Pads offers longer brake life and reduces disc wear

2. Provides superior braking in all temperatures and conditions

3. Features a minimum brake-in and bedding-in period

4. Excellent NVH properties

5. CV Brake Pads uses 100% asbestos-free formulation

6. Specific to meet Transit, Coach, Heavy Duty & Trailer vehicles requirements

7.One of the world's most advanced friction materials for increased efficiency

8.They outperform original equipment service (OES) parts in stand-alone testing

9.High-performance test track for cycle and fade testing of bedding to ensure superior safety

10.Accessories included in the box

11.Compatible with the most advanced anti-lock braking technology

Advanced Back Plate Process

Kamien CV Brake Pads are 100% produced with the most advanced back plate processing, including Steel Wire-drawing, Casting, Steel Mesh etc. To guarantee the shear force between the friction material and the back plate, under both the normal qty and above 800 degrees. 

Kamien strives for the best performance results and therefore continuously invests in and develops new laboratory-tested technologies for light commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, buses, trailers and off-highway vehicles. Kamien integrates the latest innovations and advanced options for many applications:

The brake pad system developed by Kamien ensures a permanent welded connection between the spring and the brake pad backing plate, providing significant advantages through safe placement, increased applied force and reduced idle wear when the brake is not used.

 Constant friction values are guaranteed from the moment the brake is first applied, thus reducing risk and keeping costs low.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of commercial vehicles. The structure is sintered non-removably at 800°C, nearly doubling the bonding surface of the friction material and backing plate. This creates an unparalleled advantage in performance, even under constant load and extreme braking.

CV Brake Pads

Multiple Compounds

Kamien CV Brake Pads are marketed with 3 different semi-metallic compounds: Premium & Performance & Ultra. With the strong technical team, we can also develop different compounds to meet the requirements of Truck Racing Games. 


We offer 12 MONTHS or 20.000 KM replacement warranty, based on some terms & conditions.

Kamien Products lifespan varies from 50.000 KM to 300.000 KM in normal driving conditions.

Free Sample Policy

1 Set of FREE Sample are always available, shipping cost is requested.


IATF 16949, EMARK (ECE R90)

Kamien has become the standard for many van, truck, trailer and bus manufacturers around the world. Our parts meet OE quality brake standards for added safety and reliability.

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