Semi Truck Brake Pads

Heavy Duty Semi Truck and Trailer Brake Shoes, Brake Box Kits and Hardware for Air Brake Systems. Our high-quality brake components will give you confidence in your braking power and long life. We offer lined brake shoes designed to meet the demands of heavy loads and frequent stops.

Brake shoes for air brake systems

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Heavy-duty trucks and trailers rely on their brakes to stop loads in excess of 80,000 pounds, and the brake shoes provide the friction that makes this happen. The friction created between the brake drums and brake shoes converts the energy of moving trucks and trailers into heat. The shoe sacrifices a little surface material with every use, and it gets thinner over time. Brake shoes are a wear item that needs to be replaced regularly throughout the life of the equipment.

Airlock Shoe Material

Many brake shoe kits will be available in 20K and 23K variants. It has to do with how aggressive the friction material is and how much torque the shoe will pull out while it's in use. It is recommended to match the friction material rating to the GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) for optimum braking performance, using a higher grade shoe material on a lower GAWR does not mean that the vehicle can be overloaded nor will it safer. Using a higher rated shoe material than the shaft's GAWR results in braking noise and vibration, shortened drum life and wheel end life, all of which add to the cost. The friction material is tested with a 10% compliance margin, so it has been pulled 10% more than the rated torque to ensure a safe stop in harsh conditions.

Brake shoe kit

We sell brake shoes as wheel end kits, which means they will include the shoes and hardware to refurbish a brake wheel for this model of brake shoes. A typical brake shoe kit includes: 2 brake shoes, return springs, rollers, anchor pins, retainers and spring clips

Air Brake System Parts and Accessories for Puller Trailers, Semitrailers and Heavy Trucks

Kamien supplies air brakes and air brake components such as brake pads, rotors, brake chambers, brake drums, calipers, camshafts. Whether you're purchasing for a national fleet, small fleet, owner-operator or your personal vehicle, you can shop and choose from the industry's top OEM quality, branded, aftermarket brake suppliers.

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