Do you know? The brake clips can save your money

A study of brake clips and hardware reveals that reusing old clips can wear out your new brake pads prematurely, costing you extra money in auto repairs.

To understand the study results, and how they can save you money, it helps to compare brake clips to shoelaces.

New shoes come with new laces because they keep your shoes on your feet the way they’re designed to.

You probably don’t think about your shoelaces unless they’re untied. Or if they break and you have to tie them together.

Now imagine if you bought new shoes but had to keep your old laces. If they looked like the old lace in the photo above, you’d be mad, right?

“Brake clips are the shoelaces of your brakes.”

Well that’s what happens to your brakes when you replace your brake pads but reuse old clips.


Brake pad clips typically come in a brake hardware kit that includes four clips and four pin boots that help hold your brake pads securely in place.

Clips and hardware are what holds the brake pads in the right place so your brakes work properly. Just like brake pads, hardware wears out over time given thousands of starts and stops.

The photo above shows an example of a worn brake clip. Would you use this with your new brake pads? Keep reading to see how replacing clips and accompanying hardware will save you money in the long run.

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