Are Ceramic Brakes Suitable For Your Customers?

Jun. 07, 21

Are Ceramic Brakes Suitable For Your Customers?

As a technician, you know that when it comes to brake pads and brake rotors, there are many brands to choose from, just like when repairing or maintaining car brakes, there are different types of friction to choose from-organic, semi-metallic, ceramic.

Ceramic brake pads were developed in the 1980s and are still a relatively new technology, so it is very likely that you will meet customers who do not need to install ceramic brake pads in their cars, but they still want to use them. Understanding the pros and cons of installing these brake pads is the best way to make the right advice and provide valuable education when it comes to using the right parts to complete the job to meet the needs of the customer.

Ceramic brake pads pros

Compared with semi-metal gaskets, it is quiet and emits noise beyond the range of human hearing

Reduce brake dust, less likely to stick to the wheel

Compared with semi-metal or organic brake pads, it is durable

Stable under dynamic temperature range for reliable performance

Ceramic brake pads cons

Usually the most expensive brake pad option

Compared with semi-metal brake pads, in very cold climates, there is no ideal cold bite

Does not absorb heat, leading to potentially higher brake system temperatures

Not recommended for heavy or high-performance tracks

When to recommend ceramic brake pads to customers

Although there is no clear winner for the "Best Brake Pad" award, both semi-metal brake pads and ceramic brake pads can be recommended to customers.

A customer who likes to drive on a track or often push their vehicle to its maximum power or off-road vehicle is not the best ceramic brake pad suggestion. As mentioned above, due to the thermal management characteristics of ceramic brake pads and their slightly reduced braking capacity, these brake pads are simply not suitable for high-performance or heavy-duty applications, including traction.

However, for those who often drive in the city or on the highway, if they have to commute to get off work every day, or use their car as the main tool for dragging their children to activities, dragging groceries, and completing low-intensity life tasks, ceramic brake pads are very suitable.

When ceramic brake pads are used in these applications, the final noise is lower, which makes customers' wheels and brake systems cleaner and has a longer service life. Considering the slightly higher cost compared with semi-metal brake pads, this is a good investment.

There are currently no specific regulations governing which brake pads consumers should install on their cars, but some will certainly meet individual specific needs better than others. Being able to confidently decompose the pros and cons of ceramic brake pads can not only help customers better understand the function of their braking system but also ensure that they leave with the correct car brakes for safe driving that extends far beyond the store.

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