Brake Pad Types: Choose the Right Brake Pad

Brake Pad Types: Choose the Right Brake Pad

Aug. 12, 21

the brake pads

the brake pads

When the brake pads need to be replaced, your car will send you a signal. The signal can be the sharp sound you hear or the slight vehicle shake you feel. Usually, many car owners will not drive the car to the mechanic and choose to replace the brake pads themselves. However, for any car owner, this is a seemingly simple but no simple task. The problem is that you need to know what brake pads to buy.


Decades ago, you would not have to worry about what kind of brake pads to replace for your car, because most brake pads are made of asbestos. It can quickly dissipate the heat generated during braking, but it will generate dust when braking, and inhaling asbestos dust will be a trouble.

Therefore, manufacturers have turned their attention to the development of new materials. At present, there are four most common types of brake pads. The following information should help you select the most suitable brake pads for your car.

Semi-metal brake pads

These are the most common types of brake pads today. Once asbestos is banned, they are the alternatives. They are now made of several different metals, including iron, copper, and steel. Then use resin to combine them together. They are much cheaper than ceramic brake pads, but they are more destructive to the rotor, so they generate more dust and increase noise levels. Although their performance is far inferior to ceramic brake pads, they are still the first choice for most car owners. Because they are cost-effective, they can do the job well and are reasonably priced.


Low metal brake pads

They are upgrades to semi-metals. They use less metal, which makes them quieter on the rotor and less destructive. Their braking capacity is also higher and heat dissipation is easier. This is why they are most commonly found in heavy vehicles such as commercial vehicles, buses, and trucks.


Organic brake pads

Organic brake pads include Kevlar, carbon, glass, and high-quality resin. They have good performance when it comes to the impact on the rotor, braking performance, and reducing the amount of dust. But the heat dissipation performance is poor. This means that they are the perfect choice for drivers who often make breakthroughs quickly and aggressively. In these cases, their improved performance will prove invaluable, and they will not have much time to solve heat-related problems.


Ceramic brake pads

Ceramic brake pads produce very little dust and can easily withstand high temperatures. They can also dissipate heat easily. The only big disadvantage is that ceramic brake pads are significantly more expensive than other options. So they are usually used in passenger cars and light trucks. In addition, for sports cars and anyone who has no problem with the cost of parts, ceramic brake pads are the most preferred.


To make it easier for you to understand, these descriptions are very simplified when it comes to the materials used. You don't need to know each ingredient to buy the brake pads you need most. In general, semi-metal brake pads are sufficient for most vehicles. The performance of low-metal brake pads goes further, while the ceramic brake pads provide top performance, but the price is also high. In addition, Kamien, as an organic brake pads manufacturer, provides all kinds of brake pads you need. Please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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