Driving With Worn Brake Pads

Jul. 13, 21

Driving With Worn Brake Pads

Driving with a set of worn brake pads will cause expensive breakdowns and additional damage to other car parts in the future. Brake pads play a key role in keeping you safe and requiring you to be able to use your car without interference. Drivers who do not properly extend the car’s warranty protection may end up paying thousands of dollars in repair costs if they continue to drive with worn brake pads.

How do we judge whether the brake pads are worn?

Before going to a local mechanic for potential brake pad replacement, we recommend a quick test to see if your car is experiencing these problems while using the brakes.

Slow response-Assess your driving and try to know how long you need to stop, how many times have you almost missed or approached a fast stop sign, and how your car seems to respond to slow braking. If your brake system does not respond properly, the brake pads may be worn or there may be other problems. The driver may accelerate the damage to the brake pads if he continues to apply the brakes hard while driving.

Soft pedal-apply pressure to the brake pedal and see how much tension you experience. Wear on the brake pads is often more like a "sponge", lacking any resistance. If this is the case, then this may need to be replaced.

Vibration-Another way to test your brake system is by pressing the brake when you feel the vibration. Vibration indicates worn brake pads, and it may also be a sign that the brake rotor is damaged.

Loud noise-Brake pads can prevent friction of mechanical brake components, so if you hear a creaking or grinding sound when braking, it means that your brake pads may be worn or accumulated dust, which causes noise.

Brake Pad

Brake Pad

If you notice any of these signs, or if you have a new model with a dashboard that actually indicates a brake problem, you should check it as soon as possible.

On average, brake pads need to be replaced every 30,000 miles, unless otherwise stated in the owner's manual. The cost depends on the age and manufacture of your car, but it usually requires several hundred replacements.

If you notice any signs of worn brake pads, make sure to do the following.

Go and check it now. Worn brake pads will eventually damage the rotors, causing them to need to be replaced. This is more expensive than just replacing the brake pads. Send your car to the repairman for inspection as soon as possible.

Don't drive the vehicle. If you have other options or roadside assistance, use it as a means of transportation. Avoid hard braking. If you have to drive the vehicle for a while before repairing it, be careful and try to account for the slower response time. Repeatedly slamming the brakes can cause tire wear and a series of other potential mechanical problems.

In order to reduce the financial burden of a sudden crash, extending the car warranty can save you thousands on expensive repair bills.

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