How Are Car Brake Pads Made?

How Are Car Brake Pads Made?

Sep. 24, 21

Car Brake Pads

Brake pads and brake discs are linked together and rub against each other during the operation of the vehicle, and then the discs are facilitated to operate under hydraulic pressure. Therefore, the main influencing factor of the car braking system is the car brake pads. In order to ensure the stable operation of the braking system, it is necessary to make higher demands on the quality of the brake pads.


Raw materials of automotive brake pads

There are strict requirements on the selection of raw materials for the production of automotive brake pads. The proportion of raw materials should be clear, and the raw materials should be able to be broken and mixed. Combined with the requirements of different vehicle use, the proportion of raw materials, mixing time, and adding order are strictly controlled. Whether in the sandblasting and preheating process or in the process of rubber spraying production, the production quality needs to be focused on supervision.


The processing of automotive brake pads

Pressing process

In the pressing process, the main purpose is to enhance the density of the brake pads, so that they can be gradually processed from raw materials to qualified rough parts. Usually, the automotive manufacturing industry chooses low-pressure and rapid processing methods, and the overall production quality and processing efficiency change significantly.


Shape processing

On the one hand, the shape and surface processing of automotive brake pads is to analyze the type of vehicle used and the performance of the vehicle to meet the requirements of safe operation of the vehicle; on the other hand, with the corresponding analysis of the user's requirements, the automotive brake pads can be slotted, chamfered and other processing, so that the automotive brake pads, whether in use safety or aesthetic appearance, are in line with the later testing standards.


Features required for automotive brake pads

In the production process of automotive brake pads, the raw materials of automotive brake pads need to have strong anti-wear and heat insulation, which can meet the requirements of automotive braking system operation and ensure the safety of public driving vehicles. The production process of automotive brake pads consists of pressure material preparation, performing, hot pressing, heat treatment, and mechanical processing. The professional staffs strictly follow the production process in order to ensure the quality of automotive brake pad production. Of course, the quality of the completed automotive brake pads needs to be strictly tested and matched with the corresponding test reports in the assembly process, and the automotive brake pads produced in uniform batches need to be uniformly packaged to provide favorable conditions for the stable development of the automotive industry.


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