How Important Brake Care is in Winter

Dec. 30, 21

Car Brake Pad


What is Brake Maintenance

Automotive brake maintenance refers to the regular inspection and maintenance of the brake system.

The purpose of a car's brake system (brake system) is to slow down and stop the vehicle, and its principle is the process of converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat energy through friction.

The brake system of most cars consists of the following components: a brake pedal, booster, master pump, ABS auxiliary, fuel line, brake sub-pump for each wheel, and friction components. The commonly used friction brake systems are generally divided into two categories: butterfly brakes and drum brakes.


Why do brake maintenance

Because the brake system is vital to the safety of the driver's life, and if the brake system fails while driving, it can often lead to a major accident. Therefore, it is very necessary to check and maintain the brake system regularly.

①The brake system is the most important part of the car, and it is a matter of driving safety.

②The water content of the brake fluid exceeds the standard, resulting in a longer braking distance and softer brakes.

③The friction surface of the brake system is often adhered to by oil and dust, resulting in a lower friction coefficient and longer braking distance, which may lead to brake failure.

④The active part of the brake distributor pump is prone to sludge, resulting in stagnation of the active part of the brake distributor pump, bias grinding, and brake imagination, resulting in lower brake efficiency, which will seriously lead to brake failure.

⑤ After the car has been running for a period of time, the axle head part will produce corrosion and high-temperature bite phenomenon, and more than 90% of the vehicles will produce tires that are difficult to remove, which will lead to the risk of tire screw breakage.

As mentioned above, the brake system is the most important part of the car, which is related to the life safety of the driver and passengers. Therefore, reasonable maintenance of the brake system is very necessary.


When to do brake maintenance

1. When changing the brake fluid.

2. When the tires are difficult to remove and the axle head is rusty.

3. When there is a strange noise in the brakes.

4. When there is a partial brake or dragging brake.

5. When replacing or maintaining brake discs, brake skins, or brake distributor pumps.


What are the benefits of brake maintenance?

1. Clean the brake system of oil and dust.

2. Preventing rust and corrosion of car wheels, preventing brake seizure, and making tire removal more comfortable.

3. Lubricating the brake distributor pump and its movable shaft, eliminating brake noise and rattling, and reducing wear and tear.

4. Enhancing brake sensitivity, making driving safer.

5. coated with high-temperature resistant material, high-temperature resistance up to 1100 degrees. Prevent tire bite (sintering) at high temperatures and facilitate tire removal.


Brake maintenance precautions

In addition to the basic maintenance of brake discs, brake pads, brake distributor pump, guide pins, and axle heads, you also need to pay attention to the amount of brake fluid and whether the brake fluid quality is watery or deteriorating, whether the brake pads are thinning and deviating, etc. These are also related to the overall brake system maintenance. These are also related to the braking performance and stability of the entire brake system.


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