How To Judge The Quality Of Brake Pads?

How To Judge The Quality Of Brake Pads?

Sep. 12, 21

Brake Pads

As a safety guarantee for driving, the quality of brake pads directly affects our travel safety. How to know the quality of the brake pads you buy has naturally become the topic of most concern to car owners.

If you buy fake and low-quality brake pads, you will face:

1. Abrasion and damage to the brake disc are great, and acceleration reduces the life of the brake disc.

2. The braking distance is prolonged, and when emergency braking is required, it is impossible to stop in time, causing an accident.

3. It is easy to cause the wheels to lock up and lose control of the direction.

4. The heat decay is serious, and the brake failure is easy to occur when the brake is continuously applied.

5. Poor heat insulation, reducing the life of the brake caliper, and even causing the brake system to malfunction

6. Poor wear resistance and shorter service life.

7. It is more prone to abnormal noise or jitter during use.


Brake Pads

How to identify genuine brake pads?

1. Identification

On the packaging of the brake pads, there will be production license marks and numbers, designated friction coefficient marks, implementation standards, etc. There will be a certificate, manual, production date, manufacturer address information, etc. in the box. If there is no such, it may not be a genuine product.

2. Packaging

Brake pad packaging has a unified standard design, unified standard specifications, and the printing is clear and regular. The packaging and printing of counterfeit products are relatively poor, and it is often easy to find flaws in the packaging.

3. Process

Brake pads use automated mixing and hot pressing and mechanical processing equipment and advanced production technology, precise and meticulous. Inferior products may look good, but due to poor production technology, cracks, sand holes, slag inclusions, burrs or bruises are prone to appear. 3. Appearance

The external printing or casting and marking of the brake pads are clear and regular, while the appearance of fake and inferior products is rough.

4. Joining

The production control of the brake pads is very strict. The joints of all parts are ensured firmly. If the new brake pads are found to have loose rivets, degumming, unsoldering of electrical parts joints, and separation of paper filter element seams, it is likely to be Counterfeit Products.

5. Texture

The material of the brake pads is imported or qualified materials from the top three suppliers in the industry according to the requirements of the formula design. The color is full and the touch is smooth. The fake and inferior products are mostly replaced by cheap and inferior materials, which are prone to cracking, oxidation, discoloration, and other phenomena.

Although the brake pads are small, they are the key to driving safety. When buying brake pads, you must look for the brand and choose regular and high-quality brake pad products. Recommend Kamien to you, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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