Difference Between Semi-Metallic And Ceramic Brake Pads

Jun. 30, 21

Difference Between Semi-Metallic And Ceramic Brake Pads

Your customers rely on their vehicles to safely get from point A to point B, and they also rely on their braking system to provide reliable parking every time. So how does the friction system of the vehicle work, and what role do the brake pads play?

Once you understand the working principle of the brake pads and which material is best for which application, you can choose the correct type of brake pads according to the customer's vehicle and driving needs.

What are brake pads and what are their functions?

Brake pads are a key component of the vehicle's braking system, providing friction, allowing you to stop smoothly and safely every time.

The disc brake system (different from the drum brake system) consists of four main components; the hub, rotor (disc), brake pads, and disc brake calipers. All these components work together in a braking event to slow down or stop the vehicle. The brake pads are in contact with the rotor and apply friction/pressure based on the pedal input from the driver. The applied friction/pressure will reduce the rotational speed of the rotor, thereby reducing the speed of the vehicle.

Brake Pad

Brake Pad

What is the difference between semi-metallic and ceramic brake pads?

The difference between ceramic and semi-metal brake pads is simple-it all comes down to the material used to produce each brake pad.

When choosing ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads for vehicles, ceramic and semi-metal brake pads have different advantages in certain applications.

For vehicles with good performance, most drivers prefer semi-metal brakes when driving or towing on tracks, because they can provide better brakes in a wider range of temperatures and conditions. They are made of materials with good thermal conductivity, so they can withstand higher temperatures during braking while helping the system cool down. Semi-metal brake pads are noisier than ceramic brake pads, and the price is usually between organic brake pads and ceramic brake pads.

Ceramic brake pads, although quieter, can also handle extremely high temperatures and recover quickly, causing less damage to the rotor. In the process of wear, ceramic brake pads produce finer dust than semi-metal brake pads, leaving less debris on the wheels. Ceramic brake pads generally have a longer life than semi-metal brake pads, providing better noise control and less rotor wear during the entire service life without sacrificing braking performance. When deciding whether a ceramic brake pad or a semi-metal brake pad, please keep in mind that not all car manufacturers and models are compatible with ceramic brake pads, so research is recommended.

Understanding the function of brake pads and how different brake pad materials are suitable for different applications will help you make the correct choice of brake pads to suit your customers' unique vehicle and driving needs.

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