What Are The Types Of Brake Disc?

What Are The Types Of Brake Disc?

Nov. 12, 21

Brake Disc


Generally, large trucks and buses use brake drums with pneumatic assistance, while small passenger cars use brake discs with hydraulic assistance, and in some low-end models, the combination of front brake discs and rear brake drums is usually used to save costs.


Brake Discs

●  Drum Brakes

●  Disc Brakes


Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are a traditional braking system that works like a coffee cup. When you put five fingers into the rotating coffee cup, the fingers are the brake pads, and the coffee cup will stop rotating as soon as you put your fingers outward and rub the inside of the cup.


Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are described as a disc that stops spinning when you pinch them with your thumb and forefinger. The brake disc on a car consists of a brake oil pump, a brake disc attached to the wheel and a brake caliper on the disc.


Disc Brakes

● Normal Disc Brakes

● Vented Disc Brakes


Vented brake disc

Vented disc brakes have a gap between the two discs that allows airflow through the gap. Some vented discs also have circular ventilation holes drilled into the disc surface, or ventilation slots cut into the disc surface or rectangular ventilation holes.

The exposed nature of disc brakes is one of the primary reasons why they're superior to drum brakes, which suffer noticeable brake fade as They overheat through ineffective ventilation.

To assist the disc in dissipating excess heat, a vented design is needed, which looks like two discs sandwiched with spokes between allowing gaps to be present. This allows the heat generated by the contact surfaces to more easily escape by radiating out the back and out via the vents between the two faces.

The only downside to a vented disc is a slight increase in weight, otherwise, they are much better at staying within optimum working temperature limits than standard flat discs.


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