Three Situations When The Brake Pads Should Be Replaced

Three Situations When The Brake Pads Should Be Replaced

Aug. 27, 21

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Brake pads are very important to our driving safety. So what are the signs of overuse of brake pads? How do we judge whether the brake pads need to be replaced? Next, we will discuss these two issues.

1. dull echo

New models are prone to such problems. The dull echo is caused by the difference in the thickness of the brake disc. It usually occurs when the pedal is slack. Such problems can also easily lead to steering wheel shaking.

In this case, maintain the ball cage connector and check the degree of wear of the brake pads. If necessary, replace the brake pads.

2. Bass howling

Generally called caliper noise, it is caused by the vibration of caliper components. It may also be caused by the vibration of the suspension system. It usually shows a slight vibration in the new car's caliper or suspension system. It is especially common in the early morning of winter.

In this case, check the brake calipers, suspension system, and bushings. If necessary, replace the brake pads.

3. High pitched scream

When the vibration frequency of the brake disc and the brake pads are the same, they resonate to produce a squealing sound. The high-frequency sound sounds very sharp, so you can easily find that your brake pad has a problem through this performance.

In this case, you need to check whether the brake calipers and guide rails are smoothly lubricated and whether the piston oil seal is damaged. Check whether all anti-noise clips and brake pads are suitable and installed correctly. Check whether the brake pads are too smooth and are not overused. If the brake pads are overused, you need to replace the brake pads as soon as possible for your safety


TIPS: check precautions

  • The brake disc must be checked before replacing the brake pads.

  • Measure the flatness of the working surface of the brake disc.

  • Check the thickness of the brake disc with a caliper.

  • Reinstall the bolts that secure the brake disc.


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