Brake pad set front/rear Truck/Lorry/ WVA 29228


Kamien CV Brake Pads are marketed with 3 different semi-metallic compounds: Premium & Performance & Ultra. With the strong technical team, we can also develop different compounds to meet the requirements of Truck Racing Games.

Product MOQ
  • Please note that we have a MOQ for our brake pads.
  • For brake pads in stock, the MOQ is 10 sets.
  • For customized orders, the MOQ is 100 sets each part number.
Free Sample Policy

1 SET of FREE Sample are always available, shipping cost is requested.



Kamien CV Brake Pads are 100% produced with the most advanced back plate processing, including Steel Wire-drawing, Casting, Steel Mesh etc. To guarantee the shear force between the friction material and the back plate, under both the normal qty and above 800 degrees.

WVA No.29228
OE No.0980107570 , 0509290130 , 0980107960 , 0980107971,, 509290131
Size210.6 x 114.3 x 30mm
AccessoryOEM standard; As Customer request
Warranty10,0000 km
ApplicationBPW, TSB 4309
  • Offers longer brake life and reduces disc wear
  • Provides superior braking in all temperatures and conditions
  • Features a minimum brake-in and bedding-in period
  • Excellent NVH properties
  • Uses 100% asbestos-free formulation
  • Specific to meet Transit, Coach, Heavy Duty & Trailer vehicles requirements
  • Meets FMVSS 121 standards