Truck brake shoes

  • Brake shoes are offered with various friction ratings, the most common are 20K and 23K. We can also provide products with Emark certification to meet all the needs of customers. The rating is based on friction requirements for a 16.5″x7″ drum brake.
  • 20K is the most common axle rating for tractor drive and trailer axles in the US and is a good choice for standard duty freight applications.
  • 23K is more common in vocational applications and is a good choice for medium to heavy haul applications. Higher ratings are available for severe service applications.

Recommended for use on trucks, tractors and trailers in all applications including general cargo, stop and go urban driving, bus, grain, liquid hauling, dump trucks and lowboys. Also designed for hydraulic cam brakes and air operated steel axles.


  • hardware included,FMVSS 121 APPROVED
  • 50,000 to 70,000 km lifetime (FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY FOR 20,000 KM OR ONE YEAR)
  • Heat-resistant
  • Low noise
  • High shearing strength
  • OE matched levers and hardware
  • High impulse resistance
  • Low wear
  • Premium advanced friction formula 100% new carbon steel

We offer 12 MONTHS or 20.000 KM replacement warranty, based on some terms & conditions.

Kamien Products lifespan varies from 50.000 KM to 70.000 KM in normal driving conditions.


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